Relations between Iran and the United States after September 11: Comments Vmsayl
Seyedeh Sedigheh Hosseini
Persian date Esfand 1386
Statement of problem
September 11 incident a turning point in politics International is considered. From this period onwards America's relations with Middle East countries including Iran under the influence of space on Sept. 11 was. America the world into two blocks new split, groups that advocate terrorism be set that withstand terrorism. Although no specific definition of terrorism deference. In such an atmosphere, so to attempt to interpret the American Yi Azvazhh asymmetrical, meaning and function of the British-terrorism. This analysis, regional and international politics in Iran will affect Ratht.
Considering the trend of exercise can question paper joins this debate Krdk·h September 11 What impact on relations between Iran Vayalat States left is the answer to this question can be hypothesized different Ramtrh be. Some of the opinion that the September 11 resulting in increased conflicts between Iran and the United States has been. The second group are completely different attitude, they'll raise the issue of September 11, although the American intervention but require increased d da America Iran so remarkable, and this enhanced level of relations between the two items on the field of regional security collaboration has been imperialistic.
This study sought review relations between Iran and the United States after September 11 and its impact on enhancing co-operation or confrontation between the two nations. As well as the United States completely Pessimistic outlook towards Iran is natural that the threat level status Mrykaaz lies outside and made signs of threats and operational performance reflects. Therefore, this study does try to sign threats, and Iran's actions against the United States to study.
Iran's relations Vayalat States before September 11
Started between Iran and the United States in 1830 is on, this year a group of Americans traveling to Iran they pay. From 1830 to 1941 related to a very slightly between Iran and the U.S. there. Dravt 1941 England and Soviet Iran occupied and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi instead of his father's rule was, but fear of these two countries caused the demand presence Mrykadr Iran is[1]. from period, when the United States as the only superpower Mvsrbyn Rftarsyasy Iran's security and its residue can maker, Azsvy social groups and political forces in Iran as a threat to national independence were considered. thus thought to threaten American security community Iranian political elite for decades and then expanded in 1950. From that time until the Islamic Revolution in 1979 the relationship between the two countries Frazv Frvdhay long past. Contradictions of Iranian politics and America during the Islamic Revolution continuity. U.S. officials on the belief Bvdndk·h new wave of Iranian politics can space geopolitical Middle East under impact on their end. But during Mr. Khatami's presidency and Bill Clinton saw affirmative action on both sides to improve relations between the two countries are. including message Khatami to the American people Drzhvyn 1998, greeting American football team for winning the Team USA In June 1998, the American decision based on some state regulations limiting against the MKO,[2] Remarks by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in March 2000, based on acceptance Mvrdfhrst black protest in the United States influence on the creation of tension between the two countries found. and most important case in February 2000 was Clinton's remarks: "One of the best work that we can long for peace in the Middle East and the world to do, having a constructive cooperation with Iran."[3]
All of these actions a lot of hope for the loss of two decades of hostility in the relations between the two countries and create. During this time new presidential elections held and George W. Bush entered the White House in January 2001. Like his father as the years after the Iranian revolution cut you Seif: protective of terrorism, a threatening force in the region and one sworn enemy the United States. Therefore, unlike Clinton, he dam policy against Iran more influence went relations the two governments until the September 11 attacks continued to the same species

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